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Dal - Our Everyday Companion

 Dal is one of the most common companions in our regular meals. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian- both of the groups equally like different preparations of dal. Most of the households store a number of dals and cook different dal on different days. Moong dal, Bengal Gram Dal, Masoor Dal, Kabooli Dal, Urad Dal, Arhar Dal or Toor Dal, Green Moong Dal, Lobiya Dal, Green Sprouts, Soya Dal are some most commonly consumed dals.

Arhardal recipe is one of the most cooked dals in every household. A pressure cooker is very efficient in the cooking of dals. Different dals take different time to cook. Water is required in order to cook dals. Dals are rich in protein. Arhar Dal is mostly seen in the Northern part of India that is also known as Toor Dal or Tuvar Dal. There are various dishes that can be prepared with Arhar Dal. Few things should be kept in mind while cooking any Dal. The dal cooking style should be perfect- they should not be overcooked or undercooked. We should be able to see each Pulse separately. The recipes of dal are simple, flavourful, and full of nutrients. You will sure to get a perfect balance of great taste along with the wholesome goodness.

There are many different ways of cooking dal or lentils. Most of the time, we search on the internet that how to make Dal Fry / Arhar Dal / Toor Dal / Yellow Lentil Recipe, but some important points should be kept in mind before cooking of dal such as the amount of water and salt should be properly taken. Some of the most common dal recipes are described below:

·        Dal Tadka: It is the most popular type of dal in North India. The spicy Tadka is its specialty. It is a popular menu in every Indian restaurant. The popular recipe is made with toor dal, and it is seasoned with ghee and dry red chillies.

·        Luckowi Dal: It is a delicious dal recipe in which Toor Dal is brewed in Awadhi spices and milk. It is somewhat a mild dish. The particular recipe is a basically an Awadhi recipe that is a combination of taste and mind blowing smell.

·        Mango Dal: The recipe can be relished in the summer days. Its sour twist is enough to satisfy our taste buds.

·        Dal Sabji: In this recipe, all the seasonal vegetables are cooked with a combination of dals. The proteins of dal are not sufficient to make it a complete meal rather you need to add the essential nutrients to it that can come from a range of vegetables. Dal sabji is a popular Indian dal that is made with 3 different kinds of pulses as well as a variety of vegetables.

·        Dal Makhani: It is superb dish that is a popular Punjabi delicacy made with lots of butter and black urad dal.

Some other popular dal recipes are dal tempered with clay, dhaba dal, Maa kid dal, Gujarati dal, Tadka dal (Bengali style), pancharatna dal, chironji ki dal, Dal Lasooni, aamti, and pachmela dal.




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