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Great Fashion Tips for The Hot Indian Weather

 Fashion is eternal, every season there are new trends that originate in the fashion centres of the world such as Paris, Milan, New York and Mumbai and it percolates to the other cities of the world and people start following the trends. Fashion is eternal, but it is not really universal. Some trends that work in one place does not always work in other places. This is because of the cultural differences as well as the differences in the weather that different places experience.

This is the reason why it is hard to find the right fashion for the Indian hot weather. For this you will need to follow some of the following –

It is Cool to Dress Down

Some people feel that dressing up a lot is what people feel is fashionable. But, this is not very true as these days dressing simple and dressing down is what is considered to be fashionable. Gone are the days when layers and complications in dressings were the thing that people looked up to. You can buy tops & T-shirts for women online in India that suit the philosophy of dressing down and dressing simple.

Dressing simple will also help you cope with the heat along with being fashionable. Lesser the layers, lesser the heat that is absorbed into the body. This means you will end up being more comfortable.

Cotton is the King

We all know that silk will absorb more heat and materials like cotton will help us stay cool and relaxed. Always remember that cotton is the material you need when the temperature starts to increase. It can help you feel a few degrees cooler in the hot Indian sun.

Cotton has the property that it repels heat and pushes away the sun rays which makes us seem a lot cooler and it also helps the wind to blow into the clothes so that it cools us down.

White is Neat!

People usually avoid wearing white clothes because they feel that it can easily get dirty. But if you wear white during the hot summers of India, then you will be staying cool even in high temperatures. White does not absorb any heat, black, on the other hand, absorbs a lot of heat so it can make even a thin piece of clothing feel like a jacket.

If you are not comfortable wearing white, then try to wear any colour that is not dark. Darker colours are going to make you feel hotter.

Tunic Tops Are in!

For women, tunic tops are a hot new trend for the summers of India. They are very comfortable to wear and do not heat you up like how some of the other clothes do. You can easily buy tunic tops for women at low prices.

Therefore, you have learnt about some of the best ways to stay cool and at the same time be extremely fashionable in the hot Indian weather. So, what are you waiting for? Get these clothes and stay cool!


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