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LaLa Anthony Net Worth 2023

 Born Alani Vazquez in Brooklyn New York, Lala Anthony is the wife of the New York Knicks Basketball Player Carmelo Anthony. He is also a star from his own reality series about the life of a full court VH1 Lala. The star began working on a radio station in Atlanta Georgia. While in high school he developed a desire for music. He got his first job as an internship at Hip Hop Station working with Ludacris rapper which was a DJ radio. Both of them form friendships and to this day calling with each other's brothers and women.

Lala graduated from college and moved to California to audition for hosting on the total MTV request directly. Video countdown series in the air for 9 years. From 1999 to the last episode in 2009, this series was organized by Carson every day and when the show fostered other co-hosts employed. Lala did not get a place but the MTV manufacturers made them out for her and offered him the work of the hip hop series at night. In 2007 he began holding a full time TRC host.Outside hosting, Lala has been in several films including two can play the game, Monster Island, you are served and hit 2012 thinks like a man with Howard 106 and Park Host Howard. He met her husband Carmelo in 2004. In the same year he proposed to Christmas in front of his family. The son of Kiyan was born in 2007 and they married in 2010. Ludacris, R & B Singer Monica Arnold, Kim Kardashian, and Ciara attended the ceremony.

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