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Marshawn Lynch Net Worth 2023

 1. Zach Miller Seattle Seahawks Tight End tops the list of highest paid players on the team. It’s been an extraordinary year for the young team with an outstanding 13-3 season and now they are on their way to the Super Bowl. Sexy 28 year old Zach Miller with the perfect position “tight end” is one of the key players on the team which might explain his large salary. In 2013 he earned $11 million that’s almost 20 times Russell Wilson’s salary. The 6’5 player was born in Tempe Arizona and was a stand out player in high school. After playing for Arizona State University he was drafted in 2007 and made his professional debut with the Oakland Raiders. He signed a four year contract with the Raiders worth $5 million. In 2011 he was traded to the Seahawks for a 5 year contract worth $34 million.

2. Sidney Rice was drafted 44th overall in 2007 and three months later reached a deal with the Minnesota Vikings for $3 million over 4 years. In 2010 he underwent a hip surgery to repair a fractured bone. Sydney’s injury happened in a game against the New Orleans Saints.In 2011 he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks and signed a $41 million contract for five years. He injured his ACL in a game against the St. Louis Rams. Rice announced via twitter and instagram that he’s been having a successful therapy and should be fully recovered for the 2014 season. In 2013 he earned over $8 million. Money money money and now he gets to sit on the sidelines with a front row seat at the Super Bowl and still getting paid. Wow, must be nice!3. Russell Okung Left Tackle with $9.5 million in earnings from his contract in 2013.4. Marshawn Lynch who will certainly be in the Hall of Fame one day earned over $8.5 million in 2013. His skittles habit might be garnering him a major endorsement deal in 2014.  The 34 year old was nicknamed “Beast Mode” for a reason. His entire athletic career has been impressive since he was in high school. He was an all star player excelling not only in football but in Track and Field as a sprinter and basketball. In college he holds the highest record for most 100-rushing yard games at University of California, Berkeley. Without hesitation he entered  the NFL draft during his senior year. That year he signed a 6 year contract with Buffalo worth $18 million.Marshawn ended his rookie season with over 1,000 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns. In 2010 he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks. He  extended his contract in 2012 for $30 million over 4 years.5. Chris Clemons is a defensive end who earned $8.16 million in 2013.6. Red Bryant Defensive end7. Max Unger Defensive end8. Brandy Mebanne Center9. Percy Harvin Defensive tackle racked in $4.9 million in 2013.10. Michael Bennett defensive end earned $4.8 million just slightly less than teammate Percy Harvin.

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