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Scooter (HP Baxxter) net worth 2023



€ 35 million





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Short introduction

HP Baxxter has been the front man and figurehead of the Scooter formation for decades as one of the most successful German music acts. Scooter has not only enjoyed great success in Germany, but has also sold more than 30 million records internationally in over 50 countries since it was founded in 1993.

Early life 

Bike, genuine name Hans-Peter Geerdes was brought into the world in 1964 in Leer in East Frisia close to the Dutch line.

He grew up with his sister Britt, who was two years his lesser, in a protected climate and found a propensity for gaudy outfits and music as a youngster. He accepted his first acoustic guitar at seven years old, and his grandma showed him the primary melodic strides on the instrument. He immediately became famous in his old neighborhood with an enormous sound framework in his room and was known for his stunning first gigs. Subsequent to moving on from secondary school, he started concentrating on law.


He then, at that point, finished his legitimate preparing for music. After his ways crossed with Hanoverian Rick Jordan, the two established the band Celebrate The Nun along with Scooters sister in 1988, which delivered a few accounts and surprisingly hit the US dance graphs. After the band was disintegrated, HP Baxxter was momentarily engaged with the remix band The Loop until the band Scooter was established in 1993. In the band's first track, a succession was suggestive of a fun-mobile, which gave the band its name: "Bike" was conceived. With one of their first hits, the band accomplished a super hit: "Hyper, Hyper" not just arrived in the best five in numerous nations across Europe, yet immediately turned into the band's style-characterizing brand name. 

Career highlights

It wasn't simply "Hyper, Hyper", however bikes conveyed one hit after the other right toward the start of their professions and more than once positioned themselves in the best positions in the German and global dance outlines. "Interminable Summer", "Companions" or more all "Move Your Ass" made the techno devotees dance across Europe and made HP Baxxter a nonentity of the still youthful dance and techno scene. It was the snappy tunes, the notable examples in numerous tunes or more every one of the instructing vocals by HP Baxxter, just as his alluring appearance with a hydrogen-blonde short hair style that put the band on the map. Different triumphs in Scooter's profession were "Fire" and "What amount is the Fish". Fire turned into the song of praise of the American Football Team Rhein Fire Düsseldorf and caused goosebumps minutes in the arena. Toward the finish of the 90s, Scooter began huge indoor visits and easily filled the significant show fields in Germany. Notwithstanding his own melodic vocation, Scooter likewise turned into a music maker and is a co-proprietor of the notable music mark KONTOR. With 23 top ten rankings in the German music outlines, which have been recorded beginning around 1977, Scooter is one of without a doubt the top demonstrations in Germany. He is as yet visiting with his arrangement in Germany and Europe and still fills the lobbies 25 years after the organization was established. Likewise, Scooter has become well known in the beyond couple of years as an individual from the jury for projecting shows (for example X-Factor or Germany is searching for the whiz). In 2003 and 2004 Scooter got the melodies "Maria" and Nessaja "with a reverberation in the classification craftsman or gathering (club/dance/techno). Bike currently lives in a rich property in Hamburg and enthusiastically gathers vintage vehicles, which have likewise been more than once displayed in his recordings.  

Amazing facts

Numerous legends have grown up around the name "Äitsch Pi", under which the artist is known all over. Evidently it was his science educator who gave him this name dependent on his genuine name "Hans-Peter". He clarified that the artist likewise has a ton of self-incongruity when he delivered the tune "Who the F. is HP Baxxter". After two bombed relationships, Baxxter has become well known in the beyond couple of years essentially through transient associations with extremely youthful companions, so in 2018 he dated Russian young lady Liza, 34 years her lesser.

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