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Thomas “Tommey” Trewren Net Worth 2023

 We all know how much professional athlete's money in sports today. Basketball players get great offers to the left and right in the United States, soccer players (or soccer) are always some of the highest paid athletes in the world. But,

we live in a day and age where Esports is a big thing. Over the past decade, there are many video games that become traditional sports.People play this video game at the highest level, they join a team that pays them a lot of money to play in the league and tournaments around the world. Why? Yes, there are many people who play these games casually, such as traditional sports, and they are interested in watching someone playing at the highest level. Thomas "Tommey" Trewren is a player calling professional duty that has made millions of dollars behind the scenes and in front of the keyboard. This 27-year-old Britt is one of the most decorated and most popular duty call players from Europe. Tommey has Ben on the COD scene for a long time now, it has always been one of the best players from Europe, playing for some of the largest organizations. Epsilon Esports and Millennium are only two examples, but he is known for creating his own team called Storm Vitality, under the vitality of the organization. Some organizations in Esports have teams for several games. For example, Fnatic, Splaale, and vitality are a great example of it. This means that they are some of the largest organizations in the world of Esports. Tommey has been part of the three teams in his career.  Call of Duty Gaming franchise is quite large - today we have many cod games that have been played throughout the world. Tommey has played it at a professional level, games like duty calls 4, black ops, black options 2, black ops 3, black options 4, modern war 3, unlimited warfare, advanced war, and ghosts are games he plays. The most successful year is 2016 when he wins only a little under 40 million dollars! In the next two years that "slipped" up to 31 million dollars and 22 million dollars. In 2019, the amount of money he won was stable and still 22 million dollars. He took advantage of the most money when he played with the Millennium team, while the game that made it the most is the COD Black Ops 3 - 39 million dollars was the total amount of money he would not play this game. It is interesting that the biggest prize of one tournament comes in 2011 when he won 17 million dollars playing XP duty calls.

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