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Antoinette Robertson Net Worth 2023

 Antoinette Robertson is a famous American actress and she is famous for her role in a series of respectable white people and people and nothing. Even though Antoinette began with his career, he had become an important person in the acting industry. It was the fact that he would have more success after some time.

If you want to find out the details about Robertson's life and income, we suggest you read the text below.

Early Life

Antoinette Nicole Robertson was born in Bronx, New York, United States, on June 26, 1993. He expressed each other about his parents or his siblings, so he never revealed details about it.

After he finished high school, Antoinette continued his education at Stony Brook University. On campus, he got a BA degree in chemistry. Then, he realized that it was no career for him, so he attended William Esper Acting Studio, Manhattan, New York, where he studied the art of performance.

Professional Career

Robertson's career began when he played in Eros's film. After this role, he is part of film change and bitter. In 2012 he got a role in a talented man series. The following year, Antoinette is part of the Zero Clock series where it plays the Alima section.

He is also a TV series Hart from Dixie, where he plays Lynly Hayes. In this popular series, he participated in ten episodes.

Over time, Antoinette gets more experience and more fame, which also means more roles. The most significant part of his career was in the drama series, The Haves and The Nots. As Tyler Perry, he appeared in 24 episodes, which brought more fame for him.

Then, Robertson appeared in the Atlanta series. In addition, one other role that stands out for its fame is part of the Colandrea Coco Connors in the Dear White People Series.

Personal Life

As we mentioned earlier, Antoinette did not like to reveal the facts about his personal life. There are no rumors about his relationship. However, it is known that he is single because Robertson is focused on acting careers.

Antoinette Robertson Net Worth 2020

Antoinette's career began just a few years ago, but he already had various roles. He plays not only in film but also in the series. Clean wealth Antoinette Robertson is 2020 estimated at more than $ 500,000.

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