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Lyle Trachtenberg Net Worth 2023

 One of the best ways to become popular in a quick way is to marry a very famous person. It was exactly like how Lyle Trachtenberg became famous overnight. He married an American actress whoopi Goldberg.

In addition, Lyle is also an actor, and he has various roles in films such as dusk to dawn. In the film, he played himself. He is also famous for the beach film where he has a part of a Husky boy.

Stay here and find out why Lyle divorces whoopi and many interesting facts about his life.

Early Life

Lyle was born in Los Angeles, California on January 1, 1956. The sign of his birth was Capricorn, and he was 63 years old. Lyle nationality is an American. He grew up in Los Angeles, along with his family. There is not much information available about early life, parents or siblings. He Trachtenberg never revealed information about these things.

As far as the background of his education, after high school, Lyle graduated at the University of California in 1980. After graduating, he became a member of the International Alliance of the Theater Stage Employees, trade unions representing the craft of people, technicians and craftsmen working entertainment industry.

Since childhood, he wanted to be an actor, and then, he chased the dream.


Acting career Lyle Trachtenberg began in mid-1990. His first appearance was in the film from Dusk to Fajar. In the horror film released in 1995, the actor played himself. After this success, Lyon got the role of Husky Boy in Beach Movie, and it happened in 1997. The career of his film was short, and the last film he played was a full slope boogie where he returned as a buffer of trade unions. IATse.

In addition to his acting career, Lyle appeared at the 21st Annual People's Choice Award. After some appearances, Lyle lived in the business show industry through his work as an IATse representative. Lyle is known as a hard-working person, and its influence in IATSE is very large. In 2004, IATse President Thomas C. Short revealed that they had signed a contract with silver production. Production develops, and it produces many relevant films such as ghost, matrix, die hard. In the success of IATse, Lyle has its role and makes it happen. The contract was signed because of the extraordinary organizational skills. Besides that, Lyle has done a more fantastic job. Together with Steve Aredas, he brought a big show like the next action star and appeared. Next, he also works with a number of leading names like Danny Trejo, Salma Hayek, Tom Savini, D.j. Cotrona, and a few more.

At present, Lyle still works with IATSE, but he makes a lot of successful agreements.

Personal Life

Lyle married famous Hollywood actress, Whoopi Goldberg. He was previously married twice, being a wedding with Lyle was the third. Before the couple married, they used to date for nine months. Love birds decided to tie the knot on May 11, 1994, and on that day engaged. The wedding plan was announced at CNN in Larry King Live Show. At the show, the bride showed his diamond ring and told the story of how they met. It happened in 1993 in Corrina set, when Lyle came to negotiate a contract. The couple married in the backyard of Heopi Palisades Pacific, on October 1, 1994. In the ceremony, they had 350 guests. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 1995. The reason was not entirely clear, but there were some allegations that whoopi was not ready for commitment to marriage.

At present, Lyle is a happy man married to Adrianna Bella. Adrianna is a Canadian actress and marketing director for Timothy Cline insurance. The couple has two daughters, Gabriella, and Natasha Trachtenberg. They live a happy family life.

Lyle Trachtenberg Net Worth 2020

By 2020, Lyle's net wealth is estimated at around $ 1 million. He gained this wealth through his career as his old man and an actor. In addition, he also makes other income from advertisements and promotions.

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